We are a company that seeks to generate and offer implementation and optimization services for SAP Business Suite solutions, as well as migration services from SAP Business Suite Conversion Services to SAP S /4 HANA. Our aim is to deliver a high degree of quality, we achieve this by forming implementarion and consultants teams integrated by experienced professionals with continuous preparation. Our experience in the Retail sector and standard industry of more than 20 years is a guarantee of the quality that we deliver to each partner.

We believe that each project where we participate must deliver a high Return over investment to our partners. It's part of our beliefs that no tool is really useful if you do not have the knowledge about its use and if it is not applied in the solution of problems for which it has been specially designed.  Therefore, all the optimizations and configurations that BAF Consulting delivers to its clients are product of a deep understanding of your requirements and supported by precise documentation and knowledge transfer, our solutions will always be fully aligned with the product philosophy while maintaining the guarantees and facilities for the application of improvements and upgrades.

In addition to the technical and functional knowledge of the team, we also have the methodology that allows us to manage projects with the level of quality and compliance with dates that are part of our philosophy. For us, the success of a project is not only in carrying out the defined activities, but also in complying with the established times and supporting clients in defining their strategies.

Part of our philosophy is the formation of new specialized resources including the client's internal team. At all times the implementation team has the support and coaching of the Operations Director.

Although BAF Consulting seeks to extend its operations and, like any company, increase its client portfolio, its main objective is to have a small group of specialists recognized for their highly competitive spirit and for their unity, capable of guaranteeing the client the right solution. Through the understanding of your needs.
In our company we know that organizations have the challenge of becoming leaders despite the high competitiveness that exists in the market. Our main concern is the satisfaction of our customers

To be the best option in specialized consulting services for the retail  sector by offering staff with practical experience in the sector and with extensive knowledge of the product to be implemented. Gain the recognition of our customers for the quality of our service is our best letter of introduction.

Having collaborators with a culture of total and solid quality well defined that generate agents of change forced to multiply this new culture aimed at building a first world Mexico.

Address the needs of our customers with the highest quality of service and professional ethics using quality methodologies and standardization that ensure the achievement of the objectives committed to an orderly, documented and easy to maintain solution in the long term to maximize the return of investment.

To develop human talent based on an educational process for the full satisfaction of the current and potential needs and requirements of all my clients contributing to improve the image and development of Mexico.

1 Develop confidence and security in our clients through the achievement of objectives.
2 Develop relationships of respect and trust with our partners.
3 Offer solutions tailored to customer needs that allow you to optimize processes in order to improve your results.
4 Deliver widely documented projects so that the client has sufficient bases to carry out maintenance easily and directly.
5 Develop the internal staff of customers so that they can operate the implanted solution correctly.
6 Constantly evaluate the satisfaction of our customers by applying continuous improvement work methods.
7 Formation of a highly integrated working group with a strong commitment and sense of belonging.

With this base and adherence to our principles of ethics, respect, responsibility, and commitment that constitute our culture of business quality, we achieve security and trust before our clients.

Core value
There may be competitors with offers that may seem attractive on paper, however in the long run we trust in the guarantee of satisfaction and quality that are part of our identity. Excellent products delivered by excellent consultants for excellent ROI

Corporate policies

1. All current customers and potential customers are important, so customer service with quality, attention and respect is the top priority for our business
2. All possible projects must be evaluated before being discarded or accepted. Those who have already been accepted must be brought to a happy term at all times seeking to ensure benefits for both the client and us.
3. The confidentiality of the industrial and commercial secrets of each of our clients is more important than keeping an employee in the organization who does not recognize its importance. Any employee who incurs to disclose this type of secrets will be subject to the punishment imposed by law and the company will not represent or defend it in any way.
4. Cost reduction in exchange for reducing quality in any way is not acceptable.
5. The documentation of all work done is indispensable, it is not optional as it is part of the offer of quality and added value
6. The fulfillment of commitments in a timely manner is one of the bases on which recognition is sought for our company, therefore all the means and tools available for its achievement should be used. In the case of causes attributable to the client, the client must know them, accept them and, where appropriate, a change of date or form may be negotiated provided that both parties maintain the win-win premise. Before changing commitments, all resources within our reach must be exhausted to achieve them.
7. No commitment that has a risk of default due to internal or external factors must be accepted. It is better to lose a possible business than to lose a success case forever.
8. In case you need to apply presale or execution expenses (for example, per diem or model development), you should consult internally for the profitability analysis and, where appropriate, ask the client for authorization to charge the amount to your account.
9. In order to incur any out-of-budget expenses, the authorization of the Administration area is required
10. It is not possible to make job offers to personnel who work with our clients and our clients to our personnel, it will be established by contract with each client and there will always be the opportunity to negotiate, the relationship should never be broken due to a situation of this kind.

Ambiental Policy

Baf Consulting takes responsibility in the protection of the Environment where we live and work, so we will run our business according to legal requirements and ethical responsibilities, using scientific knowledge, technical innovation and sound environmental management practices. All Baf Consulting employees are committed to the Environment, Health and Safety .


A. Baf Consulting is sensitive to environmental problems in all business systems, including the selection of materials, processes and products. Baf Consulting uses all monitoring techniques to ensure compliance with accepted protocols.

B. Baf Consulting directs its operations to compliance with laws and regulations of environmental applicability, Baf Consulting operates in a fully responsible manner.

C. Baf Consulting will use efficient natural resources, continuously looking for ways to reduce our requirements.

D. Baf Consulting strives to use recovered materials in the products used in our offices.

E. Baf Consulting minimizes the generation of discharges to the environment, including limitations, wastewater and solid waste.

F. Baf Consulting relies on the development of scientific knowledge related to environmental issues.

G. Baf Consulting has all the willingness to collaborate with government and public organizations to find responsible solutions to the development of the environment.