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SAP Implementation and Outsourcing

Implementation or migration services for SAP are delivered by our reliable consultants team. Our team is well experienced and constantly trained in the most recent technologies such as S4 Hana and Fiori.

Depending of your needs we will propose you a full or a modular implementation. If you belong to a consultant group, we also offer specialists as outsourcing to strenghten the core processes where you may require support.

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Frequently asked questions

How do we guarantee our service quality?

Each one of our consultants has been certified by SAP in at least one module. Furthermore we have a program of continuous training where all our staff participates. We also keep personal track of our consultants career and take this in consideration to make sure of assign the right profile to each project.

During a project we keep a close supervision to the consultant performance and we wncourage each one to share their expertise and work as a team.

What is our experience with HANA and FIORI?

We have participated in  implementation projects with HANA and FIORI.

Do we offer on site or remote service?

We offer both options, it will basically depends of the nature of the project, budget and resources required.